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The Dolgoff Plan™ is a proprietary nonqualified plan that provides a corporation with both current and deferred tax deductions that - can exceed corporate contributions! In fact, the corporate tax savings can become so great that they even exceed the corporate contributions! (See Warren, Gorham & Lamont testimonial)

Let the tax advisor show their clients how their corporation can setup a nonqualified program with more benefits than they ever thought possible - and - allow the corporation to select the participants even if it is just the owner! The Dolgoff Plan™ Corporation holds the copyright to this plan under registration number TX 3 509 507 with the U.S. Copyright Office - The Library of Congress under the assignment from Ralph Dolgoff.

The Dolgoff Plan was first developed in 1962 by Ralph Dolgoff, a New York CPA, looking to bring to his own business clients a program that benefited them in a way never before imagined. It has stood the test of time and is currently offered through his son, Peter Dolgoff, President of The Dolgoff Plan Corporation.

The Dolgoff Plan™ Corporation will select only the experienced Insurance, Investment and Tax Professionals for representation of The Dolgoff Plan™.

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New Book Available on Amazon

New Book Available on Amazon - Saving Tax Dollars
A unique Nonqualified Tax Savings Plan for business owners that has stood the test of time and used by knowledgeable tax and investment advisors for over 60 years. Click here to view the book on Amazon.com