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Plan Overview

The Dolgoff Plan uses primarily whole life insurance and mutual funds as its two main vehicles in the program*. The investment account in the program can consist of many different marginable investments based upon the decisions of the client and their investment advisor (the choice of the funds or investments used for the contributions are always decided by the client based upon their risk tolerance) These vehicles along with the current IRS tax codes will provide the corporation with both current and deferred tax deductions that will exceed the corporate contributions.

*The Dolgoff Plan Corporation does not sell any investments or insurance products. Investment and Insurance Professionals will work with the business owner client and their advisors to make those decisions.

There are tremendous benefits to both the business owner and to the participant. The corporation not only has the choice of selecting the participants (even if it is just the owner) but it also has flexibility with regard to the annual contributions and has choices to make each year based upon the corporations' financial situation.

The participant also has choices in the program that he or she will make each year based upon their own financial status.

Most importantly, in all that can arise during the course of business, the flexibility of The Dolgoff Plan allows the Corporation to move with those changes of circumstances that affect their revenue and cash flow on a daily basis.

If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then you are talking about The Dolgoff Plan. We are accomplishing what the client wants for both their corporation and the participant of the plan.

The fact that we can change or stop the program, if business conditions warrant it without penalty, and provide tremendous flexibility in the contributions, is beyond the expectations of most business owners. That is what The Dolgoff Plan can do!