Over 60 years of Excellence Since 1962

Plan Overview

The Dolgoff Plan uses whole life insurance and primarily mutual funds as its two main vehicles in the program. The investment account in the program can consist of many different marginable investments based upon the decisions of the client and their investment advisor (the choice of the funds or investments used for the contributions are always decided by the client based upon their risk tolerance) These vehicles along with the current IRS tax codes will provide the corporation with both current and deferred tax deductions that will exceed the corporate contributions.

*The Dolgoff Plan Corporation does not sell any investments or insurance products. Investment and Insurance Professionals sell these products and work with the Business Owner client and their tax advisors in making those decisions.

There are tremendous benefits to both the Business Owner and to the participant. The corporation not only has the choice of selecting the participants (even if it is just the Owner) but it also has flexibility regarding the annual contributions and has choices to make each year based upon the corporation's financial situation.

Here are most of the responses from Business Owners over the past 60 years when asked what they would like to have on a wish list for their plan:

  1. Current Tax Deductions that are MEANINGFUL
  2. The Ability to Discriminate AND Customize Plans for each Participant
  3. Complete Control of ALL contributions into each Program
  4. Current AND Deferred tax deductions that can EXCEED Corporate Contributions
  5. Substantial Annual Tax Savings
  6. Flexibility of Contributions from year to year
  7. No Approval or filing needed with the IRS
  8. The Ability to use the assets of the plan for my company if needed
  9. The Ability of Retaining Key People
  10. A Guarantee of a portion of the plan assets of my own plan
  11. The Ability to skip contributions and continue plan if business conditions were poor

The Dolgoff Plan has been used for: Supplemental Income, Retirement Income, Business Succession Planning, Estate Planning, Charitable Giving, and Golden Handcuffs for Key Employees

The Dolgoff Plan can be used within - C Corporations, S Corporations, Partnerships, LLC's*, Publicly Traded Corporations and Non-Profit Organizations.

*Must be taxed as C or S Corporation or as a Partnership. Single member LLC's can benefit only for an employee, not the owner.

The Dolgoff Plan is compliant with all current IRS Tax Codes

Each Dolgoff Plan can be customized for each participant pertaining to length of plan and amounts

Most importantly, in all that can arise during the daily course of business, you can see from this "wish list" that the flexibility of The Dolgoff Plan allows the Corporation to move with those changes of circumstances that affect their revenue and cash flow on a regular basis.

The Participant also has choices in the program that he or she can make each year based upon their own financial situation.

The fact that the Business Owner can change or stop the program if business conditions warrant it without penalty and that the plan can provide tremendous flexibility in the contributions is beyond anyone's expectations in any plan. That is what The Dolgoff Plan can do!