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"The Dolgoff Plan gave the American Basketball Association a giant advantage over the NBA in signing players in the 1970s. Now, with a 50 year track record, it can give your company a recruitment advantage over your competitors. I implemented it with my TV production company and I saw firsthand how it provides a business owner with tax benefits, control of assets and increased employee loyalty. I encourage any business owner to look at the program seriously."

Jim Drucker
ESPN Legal Correspondent 1989-94
Commissioner Arena Football League 1994-96
Commissioner Continental Basketball Assoc 1978-86
CEO, Global Television Sports, Inc. 1986-94,1996-2002

"The Dolgoff Plan serves two ends:

It gives a corporation the opportunity to select and reward any employee to the extent the corporation desires, within reasonable restraints, without applying to the IRS for permission.

It allows corporate tax deductions that may become greater than the corporate contributions. In fact, the corporate tax savings can become so great that they even exceed the corporate contributions! It sounds incredible, but the figures are realistic and accurate. It's a very feasible plan."

Warren, Gorham, & Lamont
Executive Compensation Report

"Here's a story about human ingenuity and the awesome power of compound interest. Deferred compensation plans have long been used to reward key executives (including shareholder-employees). But such nonqualified plans have two drawbacks. The executive has to wait until retirement to cash in. And the company gets no tax deduction until the payments begin. Some time ago, compensation expert Ralph Dolgoff devised a strategy that overcomes both obstacles."

Executive Wealth Advisory
National Institute of Business Management

"When this office first heard about a non-qualifying deferred compensation plan, we were naturally hesitant. We are always looking for a way to show our client base how we can work within the IRS Code to benefit them. We are happy to state The Dolgoff Plan does exactly what it is presented to do. We have instituted the plan for many of our clients. The investment strategy presented by the plan creates not only a fund to pay the tax liability but also creates a vehicle for real growth that additionally benefits the participants. We have used The Dolgoff Plan for a number of years and are so satisfied with the program that we intend to continue using it for each and every client that may appreciate and benefit from it."

Glenn R. Haft, CPA, Accredited Tax Advisor
Daniel P. Steinlauf, EA, Accredited Tax Advisor
Haft, Steinlauf & Co.
Plantation, Fl.

"We have had the opportunity to employ The Dolgoff Plan for our clients, both as a management tool for executive recruitment and retention, as well as a Supplemental Executive Retirement Program for owner/employees. Our experience has been nothing short of terrific. Technically, the plan is on solid ground from a tax point of view."

Mark McGorry, JD, CFP, CPC, CLU, AEP
Managing Director
Wealth Partners, LLC
New York, NY